Saturday, July 11, 2015

33. Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band - Trout Mask Replica

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This work is a series of experiments with Replace Colour and Posterization. The colours of the original album cover art were changed into three different combinations with each one having a primary
and a complement but not exactly, for some colours I've opted for the flourescent or the brighter shade.

The tricky part is in the placement of the altered images. The one at top left is in the original position, the one at top right is the original flipped horizontally, and at bottom centre, the original flipped
both horizontally and vertically. Each of the three images is backed by a reproduction, this process was repeated nine times over, and for each time the backing reproduction used is smaller than the one
before it, giving the effect of a row of teeth similar to a trout's.  

Finally, a fourth image was added. It's also in the original position but its background has been replaced with black. 

Here's the posterized original album cover art design.

No. 50, The Virgin All-Time Album Top 1000; No. 60, Rolling Stone, The 500 Greatest Albums of All Time.

No. 16, Music Radar, The 50 Greatest Album Covers of All Time.

Art design by Cal Schenkel, photography by Ed Caraeff and Cal Schenkel. Album produced by Frank Zappa. Straight, Reprise. 1969.

A surreal, incomprehensible Zen koan of an album that will make you hate it or love it. And if you love it, you may not be able to explain why.
It’s impossible to do this album justice with any verbal description. It has to be heard. It’s not immediately comprehensible, but, in some way,
it invites you in anyway. Full article

The album's unconventional nature often alienates new listeners. Cartoonist and writer Matt Groening tells of listening to Trout Mask Replica at
the age of 15: "I thought it was the worst thing I'd ever heard. I said to myself, they're not even trying! It was just a sloppy cacophony. Then I
listened to it a couple more times, because I couldn't believe Frank Zappa could do this to me – and because a double album cost a lot of money.
About the third time, I realised they were doing it on purpose; they meant it to sound exactly this way. About the sixth or seventh time, it clicked
in, and I thought it was the greatest album I'd ever heard". More

Oh well. Better said than listened. Now, here's Captain Beefheart and the President of the United States of America.

Obama claims he will relieve the nation’s debt crisis if everyone just listens to his favourite album first.

And not only that. What do Michelle Obama and Captain Beefheart have in common?

(A) Frownland - The Dust Blows Forward 'n the Dust Blows Back - Dachau Blues - Ella Guru - Hair Pie: Bake 1 - Moonlight on Vermont

(B) Pachuco Cadaver - Bills Corpse - Sweet Sweet Bulbs - Neon Meate Dream of a Octafish - China Pig - My Human Gets Me Blues - Dali's Car

(C) Hair Pie: Bake 2 - Pena - Well - When Big Joan Sets Up - Fallin' Ditch - Sugar 'n Spikes - Ant Man Bee

(D) Orange Claw Hammer - Wild Life - She's Too Much for My Mirror - Hobo Chang Ba - The Blimp (mousetrapreplica) - Steal Softly Thru Snow - Old Fart at Play - Veteran's Day Poppy

"Pena" with animation from Allan Nicolaisen on YouTube.